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Changing the world since 1988

Revised 2016-04-05


I have a proven track record of leading projects and teams to success. My leadership style is built on enthusiasm, trust, empathy and transparency. As a visionary & entrepreneurial leader I'm quick to action and get people onboard towards a common goal. I learn from past experiences and improve my leadership everyday.

- Living by a Life Plan.
- Award-winning Leadership.
- I live by the rule "Leaders eat last".
- Had professional mentors since 2012.
- Communicate well with high profile people.


User Experience

As an advocate of user-centered and desirable user experiences I have taken ownership all the way from pre-studies, user-research, workflows, prototyping, evaluation to launch of services and redesign of successful IT services. My design motto is to always involve users in the design process. Lover of Service Design.

- Award-winning Interaction Designer.
- Base my decisions on User Research.
- Trendspotter and a curious self-learner.
- Design Methodology is my craftmanship.
- 9 years experience of UI & UX design.


I have a holistic business perspective and worked with business development & entrepreneurship for some years now. Especially regarding IT services and SaaS. I'm a creative partner if you want to revamp business models and discuss how customer experience (CxD), innovation and intrapreneurship affects revenue and organizations.

- Experience of Public Procurement (LOU).
- Worked with Intellectual Property (IP).
- Business Development of IT Services.
- Experience of running my own startup.
- Fund-raised > 1,5 million SEK for projects.


Companies must take responsibility. I have experience of change management, CSR, SRS, Public Policy, Code of Conduct, Action Plans, and discussed the future of healthcare and telecom industry with Government, Boards & Executive Management. I'm eager to help you towards transparency and create impactful projects.

- Certified in CSR (ISO 26000).
- Certified in Social Sector Leadership.
- Certified in Public Policy.
- Experience on international level.
- Special interest in impact reporting.



Spontaneous Idealist

Spontaneous idealists and rational enthusiasts make decisions based on their intellect and are confident that knowledge, fantasy and logic will lead to the best decision. They use their thoughts to be two steps ahead and focus on opportunities instead of risks. They are good at processing information in a structured and effective way to draw conclusions.


Enthusiasts are good at getting other people on the ship and sail towards the vision. Spontaneous idealist have an uncanny intuition for their motivation and potential. They are best described as thinkers, creatives, eager to learn, open-minded, honest and full of initiative. Hard-working individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset. As individuals they are independent and self-confident, and work best in environments where they can meet life face to face, set their own goals, engage in meaningful activities and make things happen.


They get easily restless and enjoy being surrounded by people and social events. Spontaneous idealists have great people skills, are humorous and dispose of a contagious zest for life that they openly share with others.

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This personality type is characterized for being optimistic, willing to help, and their imaginativeness and orginality become most noticeable when developing new projects and ideas. But on the other hand they get easily bored by working in the same patterns  for a long time. They prefer variety and a normal life is not for spontanteous idealists   therefore they often become inspiring to others due to their unusual life. It's common that they have a broad range of interests and abilities.

Famous people with the same personality:
Sir Richard Branson, Robin Williams and Sandra Bullock.


Spontaneous Idealist
Rational Enthusiast



Job positions
2013 — Present
    Senior UI & UX Architect - CPA Global, Linköping
2013 — 2014         Technical Project Leader - Västra Götalandsregionen, Worldwide
2012 — Present    Founder - Comic Health, Linköping
2012 — 2013         Interaction Designer - IT-Bolaget Per & Per, Linköping
2011 — 2012         Interaction Designer - Searchminds, Kalmar
2011 — 2012         Founder & Service Designer - Folkröst HB, Kalmar
2010 — 2011         Front-end Web Developer - Neuhauser & Falck, Malmö
2010 — 2011         Circle Leader - Medborgarskolan, Osby
2009 — 2010         First Line Support - Evry, Malmö
2008 — 2009         Ambassador - Linnaeus University, Worldwide
2007 — 2009         Chairman - Student Council, Osby
2006 — 2009         Journalist - Kristianstadsbladet, Worldwide

Socially Beneficial Projects
2013 — 2015
    Transcultural communication aid - VGR
2012 — 2013    Equitable care for asylum seekers in primary care - Lt Kalmar
2008 — 2008    Baltic Sea Project - UNESCO
2007 — 2008    Forum Day against bullying - Ekbackeskolan

Exhibitions & Art Projects
2016 — Auswitch BIrkenau: A prisoners life
2009 — IT i Kub (Winner of People's Vote), Malmö Plattan

Selected Activities, Lectures & Workshops
2015 — Expert Advisor (Health Literacy) at Vinnova, Stockholm
2015 — Lecture (Social Entrepreneurship) - Sustainergies, Linköping
2015 — Lecture (eHealth), Kvalitetsmässan, Gothenburg
2015 — Workshop (eHealth), Health & Wellbeing Conference, Madrid
2014 — Workshop (eHealth), International HPH Conference, Oslo
2014 — Lecture (Social Entrepreneurship), Telenor Youth Summit 2014, Oslo

2014 — Jury (Dragon's Nest), CARMA, Linköping
2014 — Workshop (Social Entrepreneurship) Ashoka Changemaker Week, Paris
2014 —
Workshop (Self Leadership) Ashoka ChangemakerXChange, Istanbul
2013 — Lecture (Entrepreneurship), East Sweden Hack, Linköping
2013 — Lecture (Entrepreneurship), Big Apps Västsverige, Gothenburg

2013 — Lecture (eHealth), AAL Forum, Norrköping
2013 — Workshop (Interaction Design), SMHI Bootcamp, Norrköping
2013 — Lecture (eHealth), Kvalitetsmässan, Gothenburg
2013 — Workshop (Social Innovation), Tillväxtverket, Stockholm
2013 — Lecture (Interaction Design) Scientific Conference
, Augsburg
2012 — Workshop (eHealth) Scientific Conference, Augsburg
2012 — Expert Advisor (Interaction Design) eHälsoinstitutet, Kalmar
2012 — Workshop (eHealth), SMART Communications, Manila

2008 — Workshop (Politics) Region Skåne/Unga Tankar, Hässleholm
2008 — Workshop (Environment) Baltic Sea Project, Stockholm


Linnaeus University
B.Sc in Informatics (Interaction Design), 180 ECTS
2010 — 2013

Linnaeus University
Art Education, 30 ECTS
2008 — 2009

Malmö University
Information Architecture, 60 ECTS
2009 — 2010

Ekbackeskolan (High School)
Social Sciences Program
2006 — 2009

Other Courses

Takshashila's Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (GCPP)
Public Policy

Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility (ISO 26000).

Business Consulting Program
Mentorsip by 3 entrepreneurs & senior business developers during 1 year.

Ashoka Young Changemaker Camp
Social Entrepreneurship, Self-leadership & Business Development


Special Thanks to 

Johan Wendt, Elin Woksepp Åleheim, Marcus Abrahamsson

Awards & Honors

2016 — Finalist, Future Leader Award - KPMG

2016 — One of tomorrow's 99 most powerful leaders in Sweden - TCO
2016 — Elected for Ashoka ChangemakerXChange Summit in Marocco
2015 — Elected as Fellow - Kairos Society
2015 — Elected for Ashoka ChangemakerXChange Summit in Istanbul
2014 — Elected as Young Changemaker - Ashoka Scandinavia

2014 — Place 28 of 100 in Newcomers of the Year - Shortcut

Design, Innovation & Business
2014 — Future Innovator Award - Foundation SKAPA
2013 — Winner of SveaPriset - Kvalitetsmässan
2013 — Jury's Special Prize - IT i Vården
2013 — Gold Egg for Asyulum Project - Landstinget i Kalmar Län
2012 — Winner of This Year's Market & Need - Business Challenge
2012 — Winner of This Year's Contribution to Society - Business Challenge
2012 — National Finalist in Jakten på Ostartade Företag -
2012 — Sweden's Best High School Project, Category Media - Schibsted
2011 — Technician of the Month - Searchminds
2008 — 3rd Prize in Case Competition Uppdrag24
 - Drivhuset
2008 — 4th place in National Novel Competition - Prata om Alkohol

Honors of Trust
2014 — Private Invitation to Nobel Peace Price Ceremony in Oslo - Nobel Committee
2013 — Private Invitation to Nobel Peace Price Ceremony in Oslo - Nobel Committee
2013 — Representative for Sweden at Telenor Youth Summit 2013 - Telenor Group
2013 — Approved as Member in Top Talent Network 4Potentials
2008 — Chairman of Student Council, Honorable Mention by City Council in Osby Municipality
2008 — Elected for Baltic Sea Project - UNESCO