The Story of Bandbutiken

Sweden's leading supplier of printed materials and merchandise to many of Sweden's greatest artists, organizers and associations

The client handed over a requirements document describing the purpose of the website, the products, key functionality, KPIs and other things important for the project to become a success. First I discussed the requirements document with the client and produced a first sketch on paper to get quick feedback from day 1. Later on I continued by making wireframes for further discussions and adjustments to enhance product pages and customer value propositions to optimize conversion rate.

The wireframes went through several iterations and when me and the client felt happy with the result I was able to jump on the branding. Based on my experience it's a waste of time and money to do high fidelity mockups before the visual identity been decided. Therefore I didn't spend any time on photoshop mockups until I knoew the guidelines for the brand. A vague understanding leads to expensive retakes of the design in a later stage. That's what I'm always trying to prevent from happen.


Afterwards when the brand has been established the client will feel unhappy and want to change the design immediately to fall align with the brand. That can in worst cases lead to an unnecessary conflict or that the client have to pay for a redesign. I always think on these issues that can be troublesome before, during and after projects. By being reflective and honest about the effects of different work methods I make sure that client become happy and satisfied with the outcome. is owned by the company Storbildsfabriken - a supplier of wide format print solutions in Sweden.


Color Profile

The primary palette have a grayish and dark color tone. The dark shades work well as background colors to highlight saturated colors that are common in photographs from stage performances. These types of photos are used a lot on

The secondary palette is mainly used for complementary textures and to highlight important links and other details on the website.

A puddle with gasoline mixed in water.

The client was looking for rock'n'roll in their brand. Bandbutiken's customer segment are artists and bands so the goal was to align with a modern brand that is cool and breathe the same energy as the customers do. I decided on typography, brand colors and created a visual design inspired of the colorful patterns seen when gasoline is mixed with water on asphalt and gravel roads. You can often see it in puddles near gas stations after it has rained. The following photo acted as a base for the brand and I picked all brand colors from it.

At first sight the client felt unsure about the brand because the colors are so different. But they had bravery and thought that it was good to be unique. I convinced the client that it was a design that fit the generation of their customer segment.


At first the client felt unsure about the brand because it was so different. But they agreed that it was something new, something that is way different from all of their competiors. I convinced the client that it was a design that fit the generation of their customer segment.

After we had agreed on the branding I was ready to mockup photoshop designs that aligned with the brand. The client felt happy at my second proposal and now it was time to code it. We we're running fast because Storbildsfabriken aimed to launch Bandbutiken within two weeks. I remember how I slept over in the couch at the office.


Typography: NixieOne


 started to mockup designs in Photoshop for the different pages.

Storbildsfabriken is using Google Adwords to recieve more traffic to their websites. Therefore it's important to make every page SEO friendly by providing them with rich content, keywords, search friendly URLs and other improvements to rank higher on search engines. Each product turned into a sort of landing page with an order form. 

The website is built on WordPress and I was responsible for branding, visual identity, interaction design and the front-end development.



Kunden lämnade över en kravspecifikation på vilka sidor webbplatsen skulle ha samt vilka produktvärden och funktioner de ville trycka på. Jag satte mig tillsammans med produktägaren och tog fram grundstrukturen genom snabba pappersskisser. Därefter levererade jag wireframes som diskussionsunderlag. När wireframes var satta tog jag fram Photoshop-mockuper på samtliga sidor och vyer. Mockuperna itererades flera gånger för att slutligen uppnå rätt stämning och känsla i varumärket. Resultatet blev ett rockigt och skitigt tema med grunge i orange, mörkgrön och grått. Jag inspirerades av färgtoningarna som uppstår när bensin blandas med vatten på asfalt.

Efter motiverade justeringar mellan mig och kund så kunde jag slutligen omsätta designen till en webbplats med HTML, CSS och jQuery. Därefter lämnade jag över de skarpa HTML-prototyperna till webbutvecklarna som implementerade backendfunktionalitet och databas. Bandbutiken var ett lyckat projekt som ledde till ökad försäljning enligt kund.