Delightful Hair

Delightful Hair is a swedish e-commerce selling quality hair extensions, hairpieces and treatment products for hair to the most affordable prices in Europe.

Delightful Hair needed a new brand to stand the competition during their first years in the industry. At current state they are active in 8 countries on the European market.

The client asked for a feminine & fashionable. After a quick research it was clear that most of the companies in the industry use a stereotypical combination of black and white for their brands. Most likely to create a classic look and feel.

I saw an opportunity to make this brand more colorful than competitors through a wider color profile, but stick to the classy style. The feminine color profile was carefully decided. I also invested time to design a symbol for Delightful Hair which has that uniqueness that is needed to standout when placed in a shelf with a numerous of other products. It is simple yet elegant. The symbol can be used either alone or together with the company name and slogan.

In the large picture above, I provided an example of how a collection of products can look like with the symbol alone. At first I added different textures in light colors on the products to make them more vivid to the eye. Later on I removed the textures. I wanted the symbol to speak for itself on a clean, white background.


A personalized business card with your own unique hair on?

Yes, why not? It was my attempt to make employees have a legacy on the brand. Actually, I think it is a nice little touch that also gives a reason to discuss hair styles with the clients.

I combined the font families Museo Sans and Playfair Display for the brand's typography.

A modern, fashionable and attractive style was achieved by using light & semibold font weights for Museo Sans and a regular font weight for Playfair Display. Both fonts look great in the browser which is important for an online business.

I got inspired by the dynamics of hair.

Basically, by looking on the layers of hair, how the hair swirls when you draw your finger in it, and how it changes from thick to thin. From these dynamics I found my inspiration.

The design process became an exploration of femininity and sensitivity. I drew silhouettes of women faces until I found one I fell in love with.

I combined the female face with a D (representing Delightful Hair) and played around with thick and thin lines to draw the shape of long female hair.