House of Shirts

House of Shirts is a local clothing shop and e-commerce in Sweden that offers a unique blend of t-shirts with grunge, hipster, rock and tattoo prints. Most of the prints have been designed by swedish tattoo artists.

House of Shirts asked me to design their brand and logotype when they started their business back in 2011. I was also given the opportunity to produce a couple of custom prints in illustrator that they added to their first t-shirt collection.


Empathise on brown, red and dark blue to create a crisp look and feel. Combined they expose the spirit of rock and grunge.

The choice of the red color tone is based on my belief that there is an old vintage feeling over it and it also lifts up the brand as an accent color. It makes the brand more vibrant and interesting for the eye.

I have used a font combination of the beautiful and classy Didot and a strong, stable and friendly Slab font. Together they provide the brand with a mood of class and seriousness.

The founder of House of Shirts told me that he didn't want the brand to look too much "trash" even though he asked for a grunge style. The goal was to still look serious like other clothing brands around the world but yet be a brand to remember because of its niche and mood. As the founder once said himself:

"I want the brand to make people think of a club"

After some experiments with different fonts and mood boards I come to a conclusion that too much grunge, especially in the typography, would make the brand communicate excessive noise. My final result turned out to be more of the opposite. A clean, modern and stylish typography that can be used together with designs of grunge style.

During the design process I decided that the brand must be flexible enough to be useful in both physical and digital contexts.

I created one detailed and colored version for use on screens and one monochromatic and simple grunge version to be used for graphic prints, signs and on business cards.

The stiches on one of House of Shirts' t-shirts inspired me and I added white strokes to the logotype to mimic the pattern.

The founder was firm on the slogan so I had no room to negotiate on an alternative slogan. The slogan relates to House of Shirts as a local business. My suggestion was to present the business by it's custom collections of high quality prints (made by tattoo artists) which makes House of Shirts unique in the industry.