My entertainment magazine KNORR was awarded for The Best High School Project in Sweden 2008, in category Media, by Schibsted, and

Beside my studies in social sciences at the high school Ekbackeskolan I also worked as a young journalist for the editoral SURR at the newspaper Kristianstadsbladet. My interest for journalism was extraordinary during this time and I learnt as much as possible about the rules and work of journalism. I wrote full page articles, booked photographers and planned interviews with local famous people. In the last year of my studies I was supposed to do a final high school project. Due to my large interest in journalism and media I decided to produce my own 20 pages long entertainment magazine.

I named my magazine to KNORR because in swedish there is a saying: "att sätta knorr på vardagen", which simply means: "put a twist on everyday life".

KNORR is a sophisticated entertainment magazine offering unique stories from the most rare and diverse cultural elements in the swedish everyday life.

I interviewed celebrities including the hiphop group Advance Patrol, doctoral student Jan Svärdhagen about his controversial methods in his research on cyber religion, and the extrovert cartoonist Mikael Sol who draws erotic comics.


I put a considerable effort to make the magazine come to life and took care of all the work myself. I designed the brand, made the editorial layout with Adobe InDesign, searched high and low for odd stories, booked interviews, captured my own photos and retouched them, wrote entertaining articles, and figured out what laws to follow as a publisher of a magazine. By reading many different magazines I learnt how other magazines express themselves and from that perspective I was able to decide my own nisch for KNORR.

My goal was to reach out to young readers like myself, but still try to make it enjoyable for an older audience. So I created a brand that express coolness through pink-purple color gradients. The logotype, colors and typography feel young, strong and eloquent. KNORR was different compared to all other magazines back in 2008. It was colorful, easygoing and light on the mood, and with the most unique articles I turned it into an amusing reading material. I also made sure that I selected the most interesting photos for every article by looking at their energy and composition. When I was done with my 20 pages magazine I felt pretty awesome! I remember how I made my last edit at 4am in the morning and handed it over to the teacher at lunch time. The feeling of accomplishment was so delightful that I screamed: I did it!

One of best things of doing the project was the learning process and recieving all the positive feedback from people that have read KNORR. It was a succeess, my readers loved the brand, mood, my writing and the entertaining editorial features.

Obviously, the media concern Schibsted and shared the same opinon of success and awarded KNORR "The Best High School Project of The Year in Sweden 2008" in category Media. A concrete proof that I had been quality-driven and delievered a product worth reading. Schibsted is one of the most famous and respected media groups in the world.


The jury's verdict

"All finalists in the category of media have been of a high quality. Applicants have been in extremely varied fields and ranged from proposals for legislative changes concerning freedom of artistic exclamation to highlight environmental issues. Despite these very significant, interesting and necessary questions, we have chosen to reward the more pleasure emphasized contribution "Knorr". Knorr wins because of its clarity regarding the product, speed and excitement that creates interest, stories that touches, and for its appealing design. In addition, the winner has ambition to combine a classic newspaper model to an online product which we believe has great potential to be developed further.

We congratulate Robin Liendeborg as the winner in the category of Media and welcomes him to us at and Schibsted for visits to some of the largest websites and newspapers."

Jennie Sinclair
Marketing Director at


Excerpt from Victory Interview

1. Congratulations! How does it feel to win?
- It feels huge! Among one thousand applicants I won, it makes me extremely pleased and I must admit that I was taken by surprise! It also feels like a confirmation that I have accomplished something that people love, that KNORR is worth reading. That feeling, oh man it's amazing!

2. What inspired you and what is the background to the choice of subject?
- I have always dreamed of produce something creative from scratch. Something that other people can enjoy or learn something from. I also have a burning interest for journalism which made me decide to create a magazine on my own. The medium is fascinating and you can make it interesting in your own unique way as long as you have fantasy and spend an effort to find great stories. I felt that I had to nisch myself and wrote about cultural elements that need more attention in the swedish society, not because there is a special need of it, rather because its written too little about these things.

3. What event do you remember most strongly from your work?
- Without a doubt the crazy interview with the comic artist Mikael Sol! He is probably Sweden's most extrovert individual. It's hard to put a finger on who he is. He is mysterious, funny and way too honest about his life! Read his comics and you will understand.


Hello Schibsted!

Beside the prize money I also won a private invitation to Schibsted and their most successful media companies; Aftonbladet, Svenska Dagbladet and I had workshops together with their executive management and trainees. They educated me in the latest business trends, such as Web 2.0 and The Long Tail. I was also introducted to how these trends and theories affected their own companies and what opportunities and challenges the media businesses struggles with. It was a dream come true for me. I learnt tons of stuff and connected with some of the managers, which I still have contact with even today. sponsored IDOL during this time so I was also given a VIP ticket to attend a live TV recording at TV4 and have a look behind the scenes. The whole experience gave me a complete boost for the future!