Nilex is a corporate selling Service Management Systems to organizations that want to internally manage customer support and case management. All services are adopted to the cloud, mobile, ITIL and integrated to external systems and social media like Facebook, Twitter and more.

Nilex is recogniced as one of the leaders in the industry with more than 20 years of experience, 1200 installations world-wide and over 600 contract customers.

In 2012 I had a discussion with Greger Nilsson, Marketing & PR Manager at Nilex,  regarding new marketing materials. Greger asked me to update current product sheets and also desing new ones for their different services. The main goal was to hand over product sheets to customer prospects in Poland.

I got started on the project and soon I recieved an email with Nilex old logotype. I remember that I got a bit shocked because the logotype was really outdated and not very appealing to the eye. It felt boxed and old-fashioned with borders around the text. Like one of theses logos made in the mid 90s. In fact, there was nothing else than a logotyp. Nilex had no color profile, fonts or rules of brand usage attached to their visual identity. As a designer it just felt wrong in my stomach that Nilex hadn't put more attention to their brand, especially when I knew that their customer segment consists of authorities and corporates from all around the world.

I really wanted to do great work and help Nilex to grow their customer base. But to do so they needed a new modern brand that represents and communicate the corporate values and services in a professional way. I made a brave proposal over phone and convinced Greger that a rebrand of Nilex could help the company to even greater success. Greger thought about it for a moment and then agreed on my terms. Two weeks later Greger recieved an acceptance from the board members of Nilex and I was ready to start on my now much larger project. It was a moment of joy!

Nilex corporate values are dialogue, trust and devotion.

Three compassionate values represented in two primary colors; green and orange.  The dark green color is usually said to be a symbol for someone that is honest, sincere and analytical, and light green is related to friendliness and harmony. The intense orange is interpreted as a color that strengthen peoples ability to focus and solve tasks. All are important for successful communications in customer support. The orange color adds warmth and optimism to the brand. Grey, black and light green works primarily as complementary colors.

The brand use Titillium, a free open source font developed by graphic students at Accademia di Belle Arti Di Urbino. My decision of using Titillium is based on three assumptions:

1. Cost effective because it's free for commercial use. 

2. A font with futuristic and technological expression that fit this IT company.

3. Titillium is a large font family with many different weights making it useful for editorial purposes (information materials, flyers, product sheets).